Antimicrobial Beauty Blender
Antimicrobial Beauty Blender

Antimicrobial Beauty Blender

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Don't Let Mold, Fungus, and Acne-Causing Bacteria Grow on Your Sponges!


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Acne bacteria can be contagious. I know! I had no idea either!

When you have even one blemish, you are wiping that blemish all over your face, spreading it to other places. Let's be honest, we aren't the best at cleaning our brushes. Even when we do, the bristles are so dense it's hard to get deep into the center of the brush!

Dirty brushes can cause breakouts, staff infections, and skin diseases. Always clean your brushes and use FREY'A anti-microbial brushes to help you protect your skin from unwanted bacteria. FREY'A brushes kill up to 99% of bacteria on your bristles.

Keep your brushes fresh with FREY'A.